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Neck and shoulder relaxation pillow

Description: The neck pillow was scientifically and ergonomically designed to cradle and support your head in an unique way, which gently suspend and floats the head and neck and results in an incredibly relaxing and soothing sensation. Features: You can use the neck pillow when participating in your favorite things, such as reading, watching TV, talking to the phone, listening to music, etc. It relaxes and stretches your neck, back, shoulder, spine and relieves tension. Simple operation, you just need to lay it on a mattress, sofa, seat and then enjoy the relaxation brought by the pillow. Suitable for most kinds of people: business men, office workers, athletes, teenagers, etc. Small size and light weight, you can carry it anywhere and relax at any time. Specification: Item Type: Neck Pillow Material: Sponge + Plastic Color: Blue + White Item Size: Approx. 25.5 x 15.7 x 13cm / 10.04 x 6.18 x 5.12inch Package Weight: Approx. 122g Package List: 1 x Neck Pillow How to use it? 1. Find a Strong Surface to Rest Your Cure Cranial Cradle onto and Place Your Head on the Ultra-Comfortable, Blue Pillow Foam and Let it Gently Elevate and Stretch Your Cervical Neck Region 2. Immediately Begin to Feel Deep Relaxation in Your Neck, Back, Shoulders, Spine, & Cervical Muscles as Relax and Relieve Tension. 3. Stretch & Relax Your Neck For Up to 2-3 Times a Day for 15-20 Minutes a Session 4. Helps Spine Alignment, reduces the weight of the head and resets the spine in neutral natural setting which helps posture and lower back muscles 5. Comfortable foam material cradles neck for ultimate relaxation, quickly melting tension away and stress