Micro Hair Remover

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Main Features 

  • PAINLESS HAIR REMOVAL: A fast, timely painless epilator that is suitable for all types of skin without causing pain and scratches. Skin friendly.
  • COMPACT PORTABLE: The portable shaver has a weight of only 180G, which is equivalent to the weight of a mobile phone. It is easy to carry, whether it is used at home, travel, business trip, outdoor is the best choice.
  • RECHARGEBLE: The hair removal device with rechargeable design is not restricted by wires, and it is more convenient and flexible to use.
  • EFFICIENT REMOVAL: Micro-vibration technology saves time by sweeping away excess hair in one step. No pain or irritation, unlike laser or hot hair remover.

Product Description 

  • It is an instant, painless and 
    convenient hair remover designed for both women and men.
  • Apply to face, legs, underarm hair or any place with hair.
  • Use a micro-vibration trimmer to remove excess hair under a smooth micro-foil head without pain or irritation.
  • Touching the activated sensor light will illuminate the area of the hair that you can't see clearly, so you won't miss a point.☞When the skin is pressed, it is automatically activated by completing the touch to safely remove your hair without confusion and without pain.
  • Wireless and convenient to use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.


  1. Move the power switch to the "on" position.
  2. When "on", the power LED flashes.
  3. The front LED (near the touch activation lamp) will flash in 0.5 seconds to let you know that the product is ready.
  4. When the Touch Activated Light head is in contact with the skin, the device activates and removes the hair as long as the head is attached to the skin.
  5. Six seconds after removing the Touch Activated Light head from your skin, the device will go into a "sleep" state and automatically deactivate.
  6. The device will be reactivated after reapplying to the skin.
  7. Once the hair removal is complete, simply turn the power switch to “Off” to turn the unit off.


  • 1 x Trim head
  • 1 x Micro foil head
  • 1 x Cleaning brush
  • 1 x Storage box
  • 1 x USB charging cable