Egg Sitter Seat Cushion

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Egg Sitter is the world's most advanced seat cushion designed for those with sciatica pain symptoms that are aggravated while sitting. Made to alleviate the pressure on the sciatic nerve while sitting to allow the nerve space and time to heal.

  • CORRECT POSTURE- Provides optimal support to your lower back and spine, promoting healthy posture and preventing aches. 
  • IMPROVE BLOOD FLOW - The cushion conforms to your body shape and reduces pressure on critical areas, significantly improving blood flow to the legs and feet.
  • INCREASE ENERGY - With better posture, blood circulation and less pain, you’re bound to feel more energised and less distracted. Increase your productivity and performance at work!
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Honeycomb design keeps the cushion cool without compromising comfort. No more seat sweat!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Made with medical-grade gel to retain the original shape for many years and to offer maximum comfort.